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At the start of 2019 IAMI took over the governance of the GUEST Program from the PYA. The GUEST Program provides luxury service and hospitality training to seafarers working in the interior departments within the Super Yacht sectors.

The GUEST Program (Guidelines for Unified Excellent in Service Training), was designed for the Super Yacht sectors and through collaborators with bodies such as the Maritime Skills Alliance and other Hospitality representations and with the aid of global influence and recognition in the industry, the GUEST Program is in a very strong position to continue its current successful evolutionary path.

IAMI is the accreditation body for the GUEST Program, which currently has over 20 Training Providers Worldwide approved, and is the only Internationally Accredited Maritime Hospitality Program available to Crew working in the Luxury Super Yacht sector.”

retrieved from https://iami.info/about-maritimehospitalitysg-news/.

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    -Yacht Introduction Module
    -Basic Food Service Module
    -Wine Bartending & Mixology Introduction Module

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    20-24 Nov 2017

    If you are interested send us an email: info@fairplayyachting.com

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    23-27 May 2016

    If you are interested send us an email: info@fairplayyachting.com


How to book

Bookings will be made by email. Please email either info@fairplayyachting.com to request a booking form or call +306945586465, you need assistance. Booking by e-mail will be held for 2 days only. Once you have proceeded with the completion of the IAMI Application Form and the full payment of the training fee, the training center shall reserve your submission; otherwise, the latter may cover the vacancy to another applicant.

Booking confirmation

Once the training center has processed your booking, you will receive a confirmation email with an electronic invoice. Your place is fully guaranteed once payment has been first received.

The Course Fee is 900€ and must be paid 2 weeks before the course start date.

Course fees include tuition on the day/days, all relevant course materials, lunch and refreshments.