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Who we are

We are an active yachting team consisted of Yacht Captains & Maritime Lawyers. Our experience gives us a lead to fully understand your requirements and enables us to develop services tailored to your individual needs. Our team is bringing a new approach in the Yachting Industry and proposing a new Fairplay way of Yachting consultancy to the Owners and Captains covering all aspects and needs via reasonable budgets, fair deals and practices using our extensive network and our influence through the best sub contractors, dealers & Instructors with the best prices and the highest quality of services in the Market. Yachting Industry requires practices that deliver innovative solutions and fair deals whilst meeting high quality services, comfort and reliability. Our goal is to upgrade the yachting industry services with the fairest way which is to focus on Satisfied Owners and Inspired Captains & Crew and becoming their assistants of everything concerning Yachting.

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Owner's Consultancy

Owner's Consultancy

  • A la carte - per case yacht consultancy
  • Technical & new project consultancy
  • Reasonable & balanced budgets
  • Legal services & support
  • Sales consulting
  • Insurance consulting
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    Charter Consultancy

    Charter Consultancy

  • Itineraries
  • Marinas & Agents
  • VIP Concierge
  • Organizing Events
  • Legal services & support
  • Find the proper charter boat
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    Crew Consultancy

    Crew Consultancy

  • Crewing via a wide database
  • Accreditations of foreign Yacht crew
  • On board coaching & crew training
  • PMS & hand over manuals
  • Legal services & support
  • Organizing Official Seminars (Deck, Engine, Hotel)
  • Yachting Approaches

    Yachting changes and we are now working in a very different industry from a few years ago; the general trend is an attempt to economize in an exclusive industry. FairPlayYachting runs the vessels as any other business project and one of the key factors is cost control.

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    Legal Services

    Our company “FAIR PLAY YACHTING LTD” is specializing in Shipping and Maritime law, Corporate, Company and Commercial law, Real Estate , International Tax , Trusts and Asset Protection ,.

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    Consultancy A La Ca-rte

    With our “Consultancy A La Ca-rte” you will, as a client, only engage us in the areas you wish. Choose the consultancy services you really need with tailored actions for minimum cost and reinvest back to your boat and maximize her value.

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    On board Coaching - Training

    We can organize on board crew coaching team ready to deliver a unique quality package to Owners, Captains & Crew offering them a specific on board crew coaching & training and tailored seminars for all yacht departments.

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    Crew coaching is an excellent way to remarkable achievements: Trained - longevity of Crew. Better maintenance & Less damages with lower cost, Cost effectiveness and a balanced budgets, Successful charters, Upgrading the value of your boat for a better price for a future sale.

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    Sales and Project Advisory:

    If it is concerning sales , charter or other services we will support and look after your interest , without you having to pay for the unnecessary and extras you don’t need and participate to our proposals.

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    Fair Play Yachting


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